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Multisoft (MSG) found in 2003, providing IT solutions and services in Logistics and Human Resources. We deal with either a full solution or part of the solution. Our solutions can be integrated with any exciting software. Our Software’s are either A Cloud base or On-Premises depend on customer’s needs.

  • helps manufacturing companies achieve operational excellence with productivity-enhancing solutions and apps
  • We pride ourselves on being dedicated, professional and fun to work with.
  • Our team brings together talented communications professionals with diverse experience of working for some of the most interesting and challenging projects in the UK, EU, GCC countries and Africa.

Our vision in 2021 is to expand our IT coverage to small, mid, and large companies or organisations. We at Multisoft (MSG) developing E-Commerce Solutions and Food Delivery Solution and it will be launched at end of 2021.

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Our Products

  • 01 RPA Solution Systems

    RPA is an application of technology, governed by business logic and structured inputs, aimed at automating business processes. Using RPA tools, a company can configure software, or a “robot,” to capture and interpret applications for processing a transaction, manipulating data, triggering responses and communicating with other digital systems. RPA scenarios range from something as simple as generating an automatic response to an email to deploying thousands of bots, each programmed to automate jobs in an ERP system. Financial services firms were at the vanguard of RPA adoption, figuring out ways to use software to facilitate business processes without increasing headcount or costs.

  • Electronic Archive System is a new-generation archive management platform specialized research and practices that enables real-time and full-lifecycle management. This is done through integration of traditional paper files management and e-archive management as well as combination of traditional filing method with a new model that does filing for each document. Relying on our mature and advanced information technology, Archive system has been built into a high-performance, high-expansibility and high–security platform for government, corporate and organizational customers.

  • is an automated operation for shipments transaction that can ease the shipments operation, reduce cost and speed the process. It start form the company user creating order with the simple interface then the order will be spread out for the Fleet Provider. The shipper will be able to select the best offer from fleet provider. During this process (Shipper, Receiver, fleet provider, driver and Admin) can track and control their shipments. Also, they will have various excellent features that they can utilize such as, previous transactions.

  • A human resources management system (HRMS)) is a form of human resources (HR) software that combines a number of systems and processes to ensure the easy management of human resources, business processes and data. Human resources software is used by businesses to combine a number of necessary HR functions.


Our Value provided to Customers

We don't sell systems we sell business solutions, our company core business is to understand the client pain to create and customize a smart business solution for the client without the need to change the company's main system, we come, we understand we create a smart solution and integrate it with the company main system to be one channel management with smart business solution.


On-site Consultancy

Onsite consultants provide valuable insights that help you reduce your costs and manage risk. They can give you the tools to become more agile and the guidance to adopt a more innovative culture. Onsite consultants can even show you how to dramatically improve your productivity and overhaul your entire digital offering with more competitive pricing models.

Creative Designer

Web design includes the usage of state-of-the-art tools and techniques to build genuine websites. It requires various disciplines in the development and maintenance of websites. A unique website design is the most effective way of capturing the minds of the targeted audiences.

24/7 Support

Our 24/7 Enterprise Software Support includes: End-to-end maintenance, management and support solutions for current model and end of line operating system

Implementation services

Implementing enterprise software can be a challenge for even the most mature organizations. Understanding requirements, selecting the right software, planning the implementation, installing and configuring the software, integrating with other systems, deploying to users, managing organizational change

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We pride ourselves on being dedicated, professional and fun to work with, we are here to help you to build your business.




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